Of all the potential risks to electrical wiring, water damage is one of the more common ones that can arrive unpredictably and is in many cases uncontrollable. It’s not as if you can stop storms from rolling through town, right? What you can do, though, is learn some of the dangers posed by water-damaged wiring, to be able quickly to identify the most visible signs of water damage. Your Redlands electrician, Wilso Electrical Group, has the details:

In addition to the risk of electrical shock that can come with water damaged wires (mainly from standing in water or attempting to handle faulty wiring), there is also a potential for property fire or permanent damage to your home or business electronics. How does this happen? Water damaged wiring can cause power surges and electrical arcing, two phenomena that can ruin devices with devastating spikes in energy.

How to identify possibly dangerous wiring? As a general rule, if you see any wires or electronic equipment that has been submerged by water, it could be damaged, so your best bet it to have a professional electrician do an inspection. Also, stagnant pools with wires currently them could also be harmful. If you hear the tell-tale buzzing noise coming from wires that could be holding a rogue charge, then again, your electrician should be your first point of contact.

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