The convenience of having hot water from the tap at the ready at all times is something we often take for granted. How often do we stop to appreciate being able to take a long, hot shower after a tough day on the job? When your water heater is on the blink or isn’t doing the job anymore, it’s time for a replacement. Not only will a new water heater last for years to come, but today’s models are increasingly more energy efficient. For friendly and reliable installation from an electrician near Wynnum, Wilso Electrical Group is a clear choice. Why?

We provide excellent brands and superb value for your money. Not only will we supply you with a choice unit, but we will send an electrician to your Wynnum home to conduct the installation. You’ll know for certain that your new unit is properly set up and installed by our experienced technician. Being without hot water is a critical situation and one that you’ll want to solve quickly. Wilso Electrical Group is available for emergency service 24/7 to better assist our customers. When you want hot water back as fast as possible, we’ll be on our way.

Feel free to enquire for a quote on installation and appliance costs. We’ll get back to you right away. As part of our dedication to excellent service, we place particular emphasis on working clean and leaving your space tidy. A locally owned and operated family business, Wilso Electrical Group look forward to being your electrician in Wynnum.