Often when we think of electrical updates and repairs, we think of them regarding comfort, convenience or cost savings. Having functional air conditioning during the summertime is more comfortable. Being able to switch on a ceiling fan to get the air flowing in a stuffy room is convenient. Replacing old incandescent or fluorescent lighting with LED lighting can save you money by preserving energy.

In most cases, we are less likely to see calling the electrician in Wellington Point as a matter of safety. However, the age, condition, quality and capacity of your home’s electrical systems and wiring can have an extremely drastic impact on whether or not the building is safe. Whether you want to make sure your house is a safe place for your family to call home or ensure safety for a rental property, calling an electrician is one of the first things you should do.

At Wilso Electrical Group, we are here and happy to help you keep your house, your family, your guests, and your belongings safe from potential electrical hazards. Our electricians in Wellington Point are skilled in the installation of a variety of different safety precautions. We can upgrade your switchboard, install new safety switches, implement RCDs (residual current devices) and more. We can even install smoke alarms, for extra protection and assurance.

Don’t risk your home or the safety of your family on the chance of faulty wiring or old switchboards. Call Wilso Electrical Group and let our electricians in Wellington Point make your home a safer place.