Usually, you would think of an electrician as someone to help you fix an electrical breakdown. From blown fuses to faulty wiring, there are a range of incidents that can and do demand calls to your electrician in Victoria Point.

At Wilso Electrical Group, we offer these services—and even provide 24/7 electrical services to families in the area who need them. However, we are also more than happy to help you in another area of electrical concern: energy conservation.

Perhaps your refrigerator or washing machine is on its last legs, and you are wondering which appliances to buy to save on monthly power costs. Maybe your last energy bill was so excessively high that you just want general tips on how to preserve power. Either way, by calling on Wilso Electrical Group as your electrician in Victoria Point, you can get the advice you need.

Specifically, we can help you to install LED lighting in your home. Compared to standard incandescent lighting, LEDs can save you up to 75% of the energy you are using to light your home. Also, LED lighting produces next to no heat, which can save you even more money in the form of summertime cooling costs. Add the fact that LEDs last significantly longer than both incandescent and fluorescent lampsg, and there’s no reason not to make the switch.

While LED lighting is our specialty at Wilso Electrical Group, our electricians in Victoria Point are also happy to provide other tips for energy savings. Call us on 0407 733 829 to learn more.