Your holiday home just got hit with a power outage, or maybe the air conditioner quit working. You think you need to call an electrician in Thornlands for help, but there’s just one problem. Your vacation residence is tucked away in a remote location, only accessible via 4WD. You’ve called around to several electricians in the area, and no one is willing or able to come out to your location to look at your systems.

At Wilso Electrical Group, we are the exception to the above rule. We are happy to go above and beyond for our clients—even if that means taking a 4WD across rugged country to reach them. Based in Victoria Point, we are a mobile electrical business and can provide electrical services to the entire Brisbane Bayside area. We even cover the Moreton Bay Islands.

If remote access is the only way to access your property, Wilso’s electricians in Thornlands can make the trek. Everyone deserves high quality electrical services, whether they live in the heart of Brisbane or a remote cottage. Whether you need help with emergency electrical issues (from a faulty switchboard to a busted safety switch) or just need to outfit your property with modern amenities (like air conditioning systems, smoke detectors or ceiling fans), Wilso Electrical Group is the company for the job.

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