It’s an ancient fuse box – pieced together by old wires and the occasional strip of tape, dust piled high in the corners. It doesn’t inspire thoughts of safety. You instead worry that it will simply crumble under the weight of its own inefficiency. This fuse box isn’t the equipment your family deserves.

Wilso Electrical Group agrees – which is why our electricians in Sheldon deliver custom, proactive solutions for every home. We help our clients identify ways to improve (and strengthen) their systems, ensuring safer environments for every family. Let us do the same for you.

Founded in 2013, we’ve since become premier mobile solutions and service providers. Our electricians in Sheldon, Thorneside, and beyond visit each home – assessing system weaknesses, creating bespoke strategies, and offering sustainable suggestions. They both enhance and educate. Through this, safety can finally be achieved.

Let us offer you the on-site support you need. Our team of fully certified (and fully licensed) specialists will quickly provide switchboard upgrades, safety switch solutions, and smoke alarm installations. They’ll ensure that every fuse is properly functioning, and examine appliances and hot water systems for potential faults – connecting your family to total efficiency and security.

Safety is crucial. Allow our electricians in Sheldon and beyond to provide you with the long-lasting services you need. Schedule an appointment today via our online form. The Wilso Electrical Group will quickly respond to all enquiries.