We all know how important a working fire alarm is. Fires often happen suddenly, leaving little time to prepare, which is why having an alarm system to alert you to danger is so crucial. Wilso Electrical Group, trusted Cleveland electrician, understands this, and wants to remind you to have your fire alarm system regularly maintained to avoid the risks from a variety of common sources of home and business related fire.

“What are these causes?”, you might be wondering. One of the most avoidable are fires caused when cooking. Sometimes, there is a malfunction with an appliance. Often, through carelessness, something catches fire in the kitchen and then spreads because no one was watching the cooking area. Make sure that when you are cooking your kitchen has your full attention so that you can prevent fires from breaking out before they get too large to handle.

Electrical malfunctions are also a major factor in property fires: improperly installed wiring, overloaded circuits, and the like.

Prevention is key in avoiding accidents like this from taking place, and if a fire does occur, ensuring that your smoke detector is active and functioning properly is essential to making sure you’ll stay alerted if a fire does start. Your Cleveland electrician, Wilso electrical group, can make sure your wiring is sound, and your smoke alarm is working just as it should be. Give us a call on 0407 733 829 to schedule your maintenance visit today.