The silence is unnerving – with your electrician taking many pauses between every explanation, hesitating to commit to any service. You’re in need of specialised care, with your home demanding switchboard enhancements and panel installations. The technician currently peering up at you, however, seems reluctant to perform these projects. He hems, haws, and then finally admits through clenched teeth that he lacks the experience required.

Wilso Electrical Group suggests calling us. Our Capalaba electricians can quickly adapt to all domestic and commercial tasks, delivering custom solutions for every assessment, installation, and improvement. We ensure that our client’s receive the sterling (certified) care they deserve.

Our Capalaba electricians understand that every client is unique – and so is every task. This ability to adapt is why they can accommodate all project types, including:


  • Renovations and Extensions.
  • Air Conditioning Installations.
  • Hot Water and Appliance Assessments.
  • LED Lighting Installations.


  • Data and Communication Upgrades.
  • Flood Restorations.
  • Service Upgrades.
  • Air Conditioning and Ceiling Fan Installations.

Through these services, our team can promptly address every domestic and commercial issue – providing our clients with the bespoke care they need. We blend extensive experience with full certification, and this allows our qualified tradesmen to respond to all projects with ease and efficiency.

In need of a Capalaba electrician? Contact Wilso Electrical Group today to learn more about our many specialised services.





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