Almost everyone is interested in reducing their home electricity costs. You’ve probably employed a few simple do it yourself techniques already. Cooking outside instead of indoors, keeping the blinds closed all day, unplugging everything in the house. One method you might want to consider next is giving a call to your Bayside electrician, Wilso Electrical Group. We can do a home inspection to find ways to reduce your total power consumption and, by extension, your energy bills.

It might be something as simple as putting in more energy efficient lights. Maybe you have an outdated appliance that has become a massive power draw. You might even benefit from a ceiling fan installation. How so?

In the summertime, you can have a fan spinning to circulate a cool breeze around your rooms. It uses less energy than an AC unit but still does wonders for cooling you down. In the winter, you can run that fan in reverse, creating a draught that moves the warm air down to ground level, heating things up without having to engage your furnace. Having fans in multiple rooms multiplies the effect, giving you the option of creating an energy efficient haven perfect for summer and winter.

As with any electrical project, you’ll need the skills of a professional Bayside electrician to get the job done, and your search should begin and end with Wilso Electrical Group. We’re experienced tradesmen with a wealth of knowledge in regards to residential electrical work, including ceiling fan installations. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with quality merchandise and service, and ready to make it out to your location 24/7. Give us a call on 0407 733 829 to discuss your upcoming home electrical projects with the fully certified pros!